About Us

We are Upturn, we are here to help you grow by taking care of your manual tasks so that you can dedicate more of your valuable time on the sectors where you are actually needed.

  • Mission

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  • Values

Creating global footsteps through excellence and expertise

Taking proactive approaches to ensure quality and accountability with excellence because minimal involvement does not mean low worth

Well trained & Satisfied employees leads an organization to success. In our organization, we emphasize more on Job satisfaction through proper training, timely payment, incentives & a prospective career path because we believe Happy employees result in maximum client satisfaction

Our Services

Content Moderation

Image Annotation

Text Moderation

Social Media Moderation

Database Cleansing

CRM Enrichment

Lead Generation

Upturned data analysts manually source and qualify ideal prospects, contact information tailored to your target industries.

Data Entry

Backend System Data-Entry

Lead Nurturing

Create interest and stay engaged with leads that we are not ready to buy at the initial point of contact, and maintain strong connection at every stage of the sale period.

CRM Cleansing

Email Retargeting - Target specific people with LinkedIn Matched Audiences

Online Data Collection - Competitor Price Audit Database and Listings Enrichment

Order Processing - Dispatch system monitoring, Order Forwarding & Order Moderation

Tagging and Categorization - Product tagging and categorisation, Classified listings categorisation, Brand sentiment tagging & Review tagging

Transcription - Receipt and invoice transcription, Financial statement transcription

Virtual Personal Secretary - A dedicated analyst will be performing specific tasks which will be assigned by the client depending on their needs

Sales & Campaign Management

Web Development

App Development

Management Team

Shahed Ahmed Latif

CEO & Founder

Mahfuza Khusbu


Shaik Al Mahmood

Business Development Advisor

Operations Team

Shafkat Ahmed Latif

Business Development Analyst

Anika Noushin

HR & Admin

Rezwan Ali

Lead Generation & Campaign Strategist